Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Last Word on the Health Care Debate. . .okay not really. . .

While we can debate the protesters (fucking nutbags), or the terms of the debate, or even what should be in the bill, I have one thing I have to say:

If any Democrat in the Senate votes against cloture, they are fucking dead to me. They will not get a fucking dime from my pockets, nor an hour of my time. I won't pass along an amusing anecdote about them online. If they're on fire along the side of the road, I won't stop to piss on them and put out the fire.

That doesn't mean every Democratic Senator has to vote for the health care bill, but when the debate comes, I don't want any Democrat to help the Republicans filibuster. And these Senators can honestly tell their constituents that they voted against the bill - they just supported the ending of debate on the bill. Voting against cloture, though, is nothing short of a ratfuck of the President and of the Democratic Party, and so those that vote against cloture are fucking traitors.

But then again, that's my two cents.


  1. I find it fascinating that you label these guys as "nutbags" and seem to have no regard for the fact that people can disagree with these HC proposals for honest reasons.

    If the President wants to get a HC proposal past, it would do him some good to:

    1. Propose a plan himself and stop allowing the mish-mash of proposals that are out there to dominate the discussion.
    2. Realize that steamrolling a major overhaul like this scares the crap out of most level-headed Americans. "The time for talk is over" is what we have been told...not a good idea. I think that is why so many people have resorted to the scream real loud tactic, in an effort to be heard.

    One last thought...Thomas Sowell recently pointed out, "Many people who are uninsured have incomes from which medical-insurance premiums could be paid without any undue strain. But they choose to spend their money on other things. Many young people, especially, don’t buy medical insurance, and elderly people already have Medicare. The poor have Medicaid available, even though many do not bother to sign up for it until they are already in the hospital — which they then can do."

    I am guessing this not really discussed out loud, but it should be. People like me, a fairly active voting block, would love some aknowledgement of personal responsibility in any HC legislation.

  2. All true points - though I think there's a mandate in the bill. From my recollection of buying health insurance in my twenties, it was a real pain, and stressed me out a lot. That's why a public option would be helpful, I think, because only eligibility would need to be determined (as opposed to preexisting conditions), which is a lot easier to figure out.

    That said, the GOP is doing itself a disservice by denying that any health care problem exists (and embracing the lie that Medicare isn't a government program). Let's discuss how to fix health care for real. If Grassley put out a health care proposal, the Democrats would take his suggestions seriously, as they did with Snowe's tax cut ideas that were included in the stimulus.