Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Profanity-Laced Tirade About Health Care. . .consider yourself warned

Two things about the health care debate have royally pissed me off.  First of all, Congress is currently debating whether or not to end the anti-trust exemption for health insurance companies.

WHAT.  THE.  FUCK????  Seriously, why the fuck to do health insurance companies have the right to act as a fucking monopoly?  When did we think this was a good idea?  Furthermore, why in the FORTY FUCKING YEARS OF THE HEALTH CARE DEBATE HAS THIS IDEA JUST COME UP NOW??????  45,000 people are dying every year for lack of health insurance coverage, and another 400,000 people every year are going bankrupt due to illness when they are insured, but I'm sure allowing health insurance companies to do whatever they fuck they want has nothing to do with it.  Unfuckingbelieveable.

Going forward, the public option is a good way to promote competition, and I hope it passes. But you know what else helps competition?  PASSING A FUCKING LAW THAT PROHIBITS ANTI-COMPETITIVE BEHAVIOR YOU HORSEFUCKED MORONS!!!! (Sidenote, I think I just created a new swear here - horsefucked - meaning those who have been fucked by a horse, as opposed to horsefuckers, wherein the horse takes the passive role of fuckee).  Anyway, I'm glad to see that someone has figured this out.

The second thing about this debate that royally pisses me off - Old people protesting health care reform as socialism.  Okay, I've written about this in the past, but today in front of my building there was a protest against health care reform (I think DiFi or Boxer's offices are located in my building).  Of the twenty people there, I'd estimate that at least 80% were senior citizens.

Now here's what gets a hair up my ass - all of these fucking old people are RECEIVING PUBLIC HEALTH INSURANCE THAT I FUCKING PAY FOR.  Medicare is a government run program, paid for by a 3% payroll tax.  That means 3% of my salary and bonuses goes to pay for the health care of old people.  The very same old people who are FUCKING PROTESTING in front of my building saying that government should stay out of health care.  In other words, they're protesting me getting what they got.

FUCK YOU, you DECREPIT, OLD, FAT, FUCKS!!!  I'll tell you what, if you don't want socialized medicine, the burn your Medicare card and get a fucking job.  Not only am I paying your medical bills, but I'm paying for your fucking retirement.  How dare you complain about socialism!  If anyone should be bitching about socialism, its me, the guy who's taxes are paying to keep you alive.

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  1. Don't forget that it was President Clinton who signed an executive order requiring ALL persons 65 to sign up for Medicare. It is not a choice, it is a governmental mandated requirement.

    As far as creating competition, how about we start with allowing consumers to shop for insurance across state lines. That is a lot less drastic than a new governmental entity that will do little to control costs and will put an undue strain on the national budget.