Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Short and Obvious - Messaging the 2010 Campaign

Okay, in a nutshell, every Democratic incumbent should have the following message to the voters for 2010:

"The Great Recession is bigger than anything any of us expected.  After thirty years of deregulation, spending on unnecessary foreign wars, and financial bailouts, the economy crashed.  In one fell swoop, trillions of dollars walked out of the economy, creating economic conditions not seen since 1934.  While the Stimulus and Health Care Reform did a lot to stabilize the economy, there is much, much more to do.  That's why, I promise to do whatever it takes to get our economy moving again.  Unlike my opponent, I will not let my Party's politics interfere with your family's well-being."

Naturally, no Democrat outside of Alan Grayson will say any such thing.  Grayson might, but that's because he actually understands the whole point of politics and political messaging.  Ugh.

A quick note for Bogart - not only does the GOP have an easier sell, but really all they have to do is convince voters that they're not completely crazy.  That might be too tall an order for some Republicans (Sharron Angle, Joe Miller, Dan Maes), but most will probably do okay - unless John Boehner manages to fuck it up.  Seriously, that guy must have gotten his political lessons from Harry Reid. 

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  1. Interesting...The "Foreign Wars" have cost less than next years deficit...The most regulated companies are the ones that had the biggest bailouts were only supported by cowards...the Stimulus was a boondoggle...the Health Care Reform is the financial downfall of this country...

    Oh, and the president you elected is the most partisan person sitting in that seat in our lifetime.

    Yea, don't think that message would work Jim.