Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random Thoughts Blogging. . .

Okay, random is never the right word - rather, these are thoughts that I had that I don't want to have their own post.

1) Failures of the Democratic Party

When I look at what has gone wrong over the past four years of Democratic control of Congress, and the past two years of controlling all of government, I am struck by how ill-prepared the Democratic Party was to rule. And here's what I mean - whereas the GOP has a governing philosophy, the Democrats define themselves by not being the GOP. Sure, there is a laundry list of things to do, but Democrats can't agree on their own political philosophy, while Republicans do their best to comport to "conservativism," consequences be damned.

So, when the Democrats took power, their only goal was to dismantle everything Bush did, and then they got caught up in the storm of economic crises, wars, etc. But there was and is no clear economic vision. To this day, I don't know what Obama's vision for America is, and that's largely because he's been trying to keep the economy afloat.

This failure of leadership and vision is probably what's killing us now. The economy is stable, businesses have the cash to invest and move forward, but no one knows what the future will hold, so these companies are holding back. Had Obama set forth his vision, a vision in line with a Democratic Party philosophy of economics, we would be in a different spot then we're in now.

2) Padres Trading Away Adrian Gonzalez

As a Padres fan, this trade was painful. I knew it was bound to happen, but this trade lays bare all the problems in baseball. Here, the Padres traded away their best player, a team leader, a local boy done good (he credits his power to carne asada burritos), and an all around good guy, for prospects because they couldn't afford to resign him in a year. This may be a broken record, but when a mid-market team like the Padres can't afford to pay its best player, then there are serious problems in baseball.

3) The Yankees are Douchebags

There are two reasons why the Yankees didn't sign Cliff Lee: 1) their fans spit on and heckled Cliff Lee's wife during the playoffs; and 2) the organization went out of its way to embarrass Derek Jeter. Now sure, Jeter is overrated as a baseball player, but Jeter is Mr. Yankee - a guy who willingly took up the Ruth/Gerhig/DiMaggio mantle and wore it proudly. There are maybe 5 guys in baseball who could do the same. . .no fuck that, there's only Derek Jeter. So, if I was not a Yankee, but offered money to be one, I would have to think long and hard. If the Yankees are willing to throw Jeter under the bus, they'd throw anyone under the bus. There was no way in hell Lee was joining the Yankees after that spectacle.

4) I'm having a hard time getting excited for football this season

Maybe its a reaction to how up and down the Chargers are this year, maybe its because my dog reacts whenever I yell at the TV (he thinks I'm barking at a squirrel or something and goes nuts), but I'm just not into football this season. Sure, I'm enjoying it, but I'm not as into football as I have been in the past.

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  1. Where to start…well, how about:
    1. Obama has been very clear about his vision. He wants to shape an economy that is based on the top 5% of earners paying 100% of the income taxes. He wants to take anyone who has been responsible with their cash and take most of it away when they die. He spent all his political capital getting a expensive and silly health care law that nobody wanted. And this idea that he has been trying to keep the economy afloat? Really? Almost everything he has done has been damaging to the economy or at the very least, creating an uncertain environment where business and those with cash are scared to do anything with it other than hoard it.
    2. The trade was painful, but it was not a surprise. We all knew it was coming. What really ticked me off is that we did not find a way to get someone to play SS or 2B in the deal. Really? The biggest weakness in the entire organization and Hoyer could not find a way to get a SS?
    3. The Yanks are crap heads. Here is hoping that Boston dances in the House that The Boss built next season.
    4. The Chargers are tough, but the downs, coupled with the highs is what makes being a fan a blast…even if I might see cracks in my coffee table from banging on it during the game 2 weeks ago.