Friday, September 2, 2011

Why Liberals and Progressives are Consistently Frustrated with Obama

I'm stuck on brief writing duties today, so I'm keeping this post relatively short.  Obama and members of his Administration, have become increasingly aware of discontent by members of the "Professional Left" - um, I guess that means bloggers, but given that we don't exactly make a lot of money from blogging (except for Josh Marshall and Kos, of course), and have day jobs, I guess they just mean Progressives and Liberals.  So, in an effort to educate those who are surprised by our continuing discontent, allow me to explain my discontent in four simple words.

I. Told. You. So.

Almost every time the Obama Administration does something on the domestic policy side, legions of liberals like myself comment on the strategies of the Administration, and without fail, we're always right.  During the Stimulus debate, we told the Administration that the Stimulus was too small and too focused on tax cuts.  Unsuprisingly, the Stimulus helped only somewhat, and its benefits have been subsumed by cuts in the government spending at the state and local level. 

During the health care debate, we told the President to push for single payer as a bargaining position, and then allow it to be pushed a bit further to the right.  Instead, the President started with a relatively moderate plan, and it turned into a center-right bill. 

During the debt ceiling debacle, we told the President to chastise the GOP for threatening the country's economic health during a time of war, and instead, he tried to negotiate in good faith, and was steamrolled.

The list goes on and on.  Rather than listen to us, the President goes his own way.  Now, I don't have a problem with this if going his own way got results.  And in areas like foreign policy, it clearly does.  But in the domestic arena, Obama consistently fails - either from a gross misunderstanding of his opponents, or gets too influenced by the make-believe world of D.C.  The whole thing is maddening.  So Mr. President, just one time, one time, can you prove me wrong on economic issues? 

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