Thursday, November 3, 2011

I've Said It Before: Everyone Hates Mitt Romney

Over the past several months of the 2012 Presidential campaign (Iowa caucuses are two months away people!), we have seen a consistent trend - the GOP base is looking for someone, anyone, somewhere, to step up and become the nominee.  Well, okay, anyone but Mitt Romney.  Poor Mittens has been a solid second place next to rising stars Michelle Bachmann (who everyone realized was too crazy), Rick Perry (who regularly got his butt kicked in the debates), and Donald Trump. 

Now Romney is second to Herman Cain, who has been sued for sexual harassment on multiple occasions, doesn't know that China has nuclear weapons, and proposes a tax plan that raises the taxes of 90% of the American people.  Seriously?  Now, Cain might produce some match-up problems with Obama, but even he didn't believe that his candidacy was going anywhere.  Case in point, Cain doesn't have a campaign staff in the early primary states.  Seriously.

Apparently, there is evidence showing that if Cain falls (and the odds are good), Newt Gingrich will get his time to shine, which is completely bizarre unless you have a situation where there is one candidate who the majority of the GOP despises, that being Mitt Romney.  And where I once thought that Bachmann's rise was about Michelle Bachmann, I now see that its about Romney.  At this point, anyone who isn't a total fuck-up is preferable to Romney.  Actually, that's not true - anyone who isn't a complete fuck-up or Tim Pawlenty is preferable to Romney (sorry T-Paw). 

Now, I can understand the primary voters' lament somewhat - Romney has flip-flopped about virtually everything.  His health care plan in Massachusetts was just like Obama's, except that Romneycare covered abortions.  Oops.  And for such a smooth performer, Romney is phenomenally awkward in everyday situations.  The man cannot ad-lib to save his life.  But still, if you want someone to take on Obama, Romney is your guy (or was, until the Occupy movement started).

And ultimately, I've reached my blindspot in this primary.  I am not a Republican, and definitely not a conservative.  As such, I have no idea what the average or even the not-so average GOP primary voter is thinking.  So, to my regular readers and internet stalkers, what do you think?

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