Monday, November 25, 2013

Thoughts on a Wedding. . .

While I typically keep personal things off this blog - I would be remiss if I didn't mention a few things about the best day of my life, my wedding to Beth, this past Saturday.  The wedding was great - more than great - and I know the implications of the wedding will be greater.  I get to spend the rest of my life with the woman of my dreams.

Here are a few things about wedding planning - its going to be hard on you and your soon to be spouse no matter what.  A wedding is three things that typically don't go together - a ceremony, a meal, and a party - and you have to smash them together in a way that's seamless.  And you have to take into account everything - how people will feel about this decision or that decision, and how it will affect your guests and the flow.  For instance, we lit candles in memory of Beth's older brothers who passed at the ceremony, but the question came up, should we include my grandmother, who just passed?  Ultimately, we chose against it because Grandma wouldn't have wanted to be mentioned at a Catholic ceremony, but even then we had to explain our decision to my Mom.

Anyway, take the fact that the party is the biggest party you will ever throw, and needing to take into account what everyone wants, and the fact that everyone has opinions on what a wedding should be, and suddenly, you get a ball of stress a mile wide.  My poor bride nearly drove herself crazy just trying to make everyone happy.  Also, I tend to be meticulous in researching everything, and that indecisiveness drove her crazy.

That said, we had great vendors, and all should be mentioned and honored here.

First, Founder's Chapel was spectacular, and Darlene Polak, the coordinator was phenomenal in keeping everyone in line, but in a easy going fashion.  Father Lawrence Agi, the Chaplain at Mercy Hospital, was a true star, and everyone loved him. He was pretty much the perfect priest for us. Combine that with the "Holy shit, what an amazing church!" and great music courtesy of Annette Welsh, and the ceremony exceeded our expectations.

Second, Jim Turner, our florist, went above and beyond, and then went even further than that. Seriously, the flowers were jaw-dropping.  I typically don't even notice flowers, these were amazing. Really, every decision he made was perfect - beyond perfect.

Third, we were very happy with Michael Lawrence Photography - Michael was recommended by a friend, and he got great shots while at the same time was unobtrusive, and willing to work with us.  Of course, we still have to see our pictures, but he was great to work with, and I look forward to seeing them.

Fourth, our wedding venue, the Lafayette Hotel, put out great food, and was a beautiful venue.  The staff, when we worked directly with them, were helpful and courteous.

Fifth, the guys at Miles Ahead, our wedding band, were equally perfect.  They were mellow when they needed to be mellow, but got everyone dancing when we wanted them to do that. Everyone thought they were one of many highlights.  You guys did great.

Sixth, Elizabethan Desserts did a fantastic job of getting us the best desserts, and did so at a reasonable price. I don't think anyone could've done a better job, and Elizabeth, we appreciate all you did for us. Fantastic stuff.

Lastly, I have a bit of unfinished business - I promised Beth that I would sing her a song at the wedding, but I forgot my queue.  So, Beth, this is for you:

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