Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Right Wing Terrorism. . .or not

Early on in the Obama Administration, the Department of Homeland Security released a document written during the Bush Administration that warned of terrorist acts by right-wing extremists. Republicans immediately went into a frenzy, and the Obama Administration withdrew the report (something we have seen time and time again).

That's a shame, not just because it showed that the Obama Administration would back down if challenged, but also because the report is right. Extreme views will provoke extreme action from both the right and the left wings of the political spectrum. In my lifetime, I have seen terrorists acts by right-wingers against abortion clinics, doctors, and federal buildings. Left-wingers, as Bogart will certainly attest to, have burned down buildings, destroyed SUV's, and other nefarious acts.

So, why write this post? Terrorism is bad, of course, and everyone agrees with it. Why? Because of this video.

Yeah, its his daughter and all, but Steve King, a Republican congressman has openly sympathized with this guy. Let's be clear - Stack took up arms against his country, and killed someone. Stack may have felt put upon, but he did not have any right to kill people. If he was having difficulties with the IRS, he could have hired a tax attorney. They do good work.

In other words, Stack isn't a hero, or a sympathetic figure, he's a traitor who took up arms against his country and killed a guy. He should be condemned as such.

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  1. With you...not a hero, to anyone but sick, crazy people...