Monday, August 23, 2010

Fuck Tolerance

Here at this blog, I have been excoriating Democrats for being chickenshits* about every major policy decision.  As a result, we have had half-measures in health care reform, the stimulus, and in foreign policy.  Now, I would argue these half measures are better than what the GOP has pushed for, but while the house is burning you either throw everything you have to fix the problem, or you walk away (or, you do what the GOP is proposing, which is to throw gasoline on the fire).  As a result, voters get to choose between the chickenshits and the nutjobs.  Great.

But I wonder, where did this chickenshit attitude come from?  I think one of the beginnings was the idea of "tolerance" - that is, everyone should tolerate each other's presence because we're all diverse, and so on.  But the problem with tolerance is that there's condemnation for racism.  If I was a racial separatist, and I chose not to shoot every non-White person on the spot, I would be considered a paragon of tolerance.  Fuck.  That.

Like a lot of liberal arguments, tolerance is a chickenshit half measure.  The real goal isn't tolerance, its acceptance.  We should accept our fellow citizens regardless of race, creed, national origin, religion, gender, disability, or sexual orientation as fellow citizens.  There should be no difference between a Muslim American, and a Catholic American, or Straight American and a Gay American - we are all Americans.  And we have to accept the fact that not every American looks the same, prays the same, or loves the same.  Otherwise, we will slip constantly into fear and violence as people's tolerance fades.

Look at the following video:

This poor guy is simply walking through a protest to go to work - he's actually a carpenter working at Ground Zero.  But since his skin color is not white, and he's wearing a skullcap, everyone assumes he's Muslim, and a few of the people at the Ground Zero protests want to kick his ass.  The insane thing is that because they didn't kick his ass, technically, this angry crowd was "tolerant."  Again, fuck that.  The only way to go forward is to say, "This guy has the same right to be here as you.  He's an American, and if you don't like what he believes, or what his skin color is, well, then fuck you, you racist fucktard."  End of story. 

Now, this may not be nice, and it may hurt people's feelings, but just because we're liberal doesn't mean that we shouldn't take a stand.  Inherent in Obama's line, "There is no Red America, or Blue America.  There is the United States of America," should be a condemnation of all people who try to split us into groups.  Not a chickenshit condemnation, but a "if you don't like it, move to fucking communist China, you fucking fuck." 


  1. Interesting thoughts...especially since you support the Party that wants to seperate everyone into groups...race groups, sexual orientation groups, financial groups, education level groups...the hypocricy of the left knows no bounds!

    Still love ya' Jim.

  2. Actually, I support the party that hasn't spent the past forty years race-baiting. As a liberal I want people to express themselves, and take pride in who they are. That's acceptance. Tolerance is trying to be color blind, and pretending that differences don't exist. That's stupid.

  3. I guess it looks very different depending on which side of the street you are sitting...I see the conservatives being the ones that have had the most diverse cabinets, the most inclusive policies and acceptance of everyone's ability to make it on their own...