Monday, August 16, 2010

The Lamentations of the Progressive Movement

With Harry Reid's recent statement that he wishes that the Cordoba Mosque would be built elsewhere, I am reminded of the problems inherent in the Progressive Movement in this country - our leaders are weaklings.  Every step forward, like Obama saying, people should build their mosque wherever the fuck they want (obviously paraphrasing) is hurt by someone taking two steps back.  Thanks, Harry.

And of course, this isn't the first time.  From health care reform to the too-small stimulus package, to virtually every issue, the leaders of the Progressive and/or Liberal movement have done more to handicap themselves than the GOP.  Its completely maddening from my perspective.  Moreover, it explains why Obama is flailing around.  His whole schtick is being the good cop in any negotiation.  And, as we all know, he's really good at it.  So, to be successful, he needs a bad cop - someone who refuses to compromise, and who is slowly brought around to the idea.  Nancy Pelosi, for all her faults, plays this role well.  Harry Reid, on the other hand, is a total failure.  Ugh.

What we need in the progressive movement are more bad cops at the leadership stage.  Alan Grayson and Howard Dean are good starts, but we need more. Until that happens, we're going to keep fucking up. Ugh.


  1. If I am reading this right, you are saying it is a failure of the leadership, not of the ideas, right?

    Obviously, I would argue with you, but I want to first make sure we are on the same page.