Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I. Am. So. Pissed. Off. Right. Now.

Okay, that's not quite true.  In the wake of the complete and utter disaster that was last night, I am more or less depressed.  But to make a few of you happy, here are my thoughts:

1) Anger With Obama and the Democratic Leadership: In the last two years, Democrats had proof, actual, real proof, that Republican economic policy was a complete and utter failure, and they did nothing with it.  No mortgage foreclosure reform.  No bankruptcy reform.  A stimulus that was completely limp and relied on tax cuts (which, by the way, don't do shit in a deflationary cycle).  All we could do was stop the economic bleeding.  Now, that would have been enough to explain to the voters, but oh, fucking, no, we can't do that.

Instead of actually governing, the Democratic "Leadership" fought amongst themselves - okay the Democrats in the Senate did the fighting - and we ended up with watered down everything.  Anyway, it wasn't the liberals who fucked everything up.  It was the moderates.  The half-measures didn't help enough people, pissing off the moderates, and deflated the Democratic base.  And guess what, when you lose even some of the base, you lose the election.  The GOP figured this out thirty years ago. 

So, I'm very, very angry with the Democratic Leadership right now.  Okay, not with Nancy Pelosi, who did everything she was supposed to do.

2) Depressed Over Good People Losing: There were lots of good, smart people who lost yesterday.  Russ Feingold worked his ass off for the people of Wisconsin, and lost because of the weak-kneed bullshit of his more conservative fellow Democrats. 

Worst of all, for me personally, Howard Wayne lost to Lorie Zapf in the race for San Diego City Council.  Howard Wayne was overqualified to be a City Councilman, and who cares about people.  He might have dressed like a schlub, and wasn't a good public speaker, but Wayne is a true public servant who, when he isn't a public official, he is a public servant (literally - he is an Assistant AG).  And he lost to Lorie Zapf, who hasn't done a goddamn thing in her life for the public good, and speaks in talking points.  Ugh.

And here's where I get upset really - it would be one thing if Democrats lost to good, hard-working, smart, and well-deserving conservatives.  But they didn't, for the most part.  With the exception of Brian Sandoval - the next Governor of Nevada (and potentially huge problem for the Democrats in the future) - the GOP candidates were the dregs of the conservative movement.  Let's face it, good conservatives don't run for office, they go out and make money.  So instead of intelligent discourse, we're going to have talking points and lunatic conspiracy theories.  Fucking great.

3) Fear for the Future: We have big, big problems in this country, and this next Congress isn't going to help fix any of them.  If there's a government shutdown, we're going to end up in a full-blown deflationary cycle, and the economy will get worse.  That's for certain.  At best, we're looking at two years of gridlock.  At worst, two years of Democratic capitulation.  Fuck.

4) Hope: At least in California, we got Jerry Brown, almost passed Prop. 19, and rejected Prop. 23.  There is some hope for the future.  Some.


  1. I am not going to lie, this outcome is the best possible result...The GOP takes the House and can toss some perfect bills to the Senate. There, they will either die because your Donk's can't compromise or they will go to the President where he will veto. Then, come 2012, The GOP can accurately point to the obstructionist Dems who are not willing to do the right thing for the people.

    The best prize, however, is taking the Governerships and State Legislatures. Oh what fun we will have with the redistricting.

    Guess the demise of the GOP might have been greatly exaggerated. :-)

  2. Okay...that was my celebration response that sounds more like the crazy right wingers that I can't stand.

    So, yes, I am very happy about the results and the State Legislatures are the big prize this year.

    I am looking to the President to see if he has the Political skill of Clinton, Bush II or Reagan.

    As for your comments:

    1. I really hope you understand that the US has NEVER been a left leaning country. We are a country made mostly of moderates and governing from the Left has never been a successful policy.
    2. There are good people on both sides of the aisle and good people on both sides lost. You got to give a little more credit to guys like Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and Tim Scott.
    3. Remember, this system is really meant to have a lot of gridlock to prevent the kind of crap we have seen over the past 2 years.
    4. I am not going to lie. Having Gov Moonbeam back really makes me question my desire to come back to Ca anytime soon.