Thursday, December 3, 2009

A quick word on Christmas. . .

Those of you who are pushing the religious angle on Christmas should remind yourselves that Christmas was set on December 25 as a way to preempt pagan winter celebrations. Christ was, most likely, born during spring when shepherds would sleep outside with their flock. So, lighten up about Christmas. If you want to nitpick, nitpick over Easter, which is far more Biblically centered. The whole chocolate bunny thing is complete bullshit (though the eggs, ironically, are based in the Christian tradition - Mary Magadalene supposedly explained the Resurrection using a colored egg).

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  1. That is why Easter is the Christian Super Bowl!

    Christmas is a great time to be with the fam and remember who Christ is, but Easter is the real High Holy Day for those of us who put our full faith and trust in Christ.