Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why the TSA is Stupid. . .

On September 11, 2001, the passengers of United Flight 93, upon realizing that the terrorists who took over their plane were going to kill them all, retook the airplane, and ended up saving hundreds, if not thousands of lives in the process. On December 22, 2001, Richard Reid attempted to blow up an airplane with a bomb located in his shoe. After seeing what he was up to, his fellow passengers promptly beat the fuck out of him. And yesterday, or the day before, some jackass attempted to blow up an airplane. As before, the other passengers promptly beat the fuck out of the guy.

Okay, here's where I go off the reservation as far as liberal politics go - these three attacks occurred despite all of the terrorists went through security. As a result of Richard Reid, I have to take my fucking shoes off every time I go through security. That sucks. More importantly, though, individual action has been more effective than government action. So, allow me to tip my cap to my conservative friends. So long as the government can keep guns off the airplanes, the passengers will have no problem taking care of these terrorists. Okay, maybe having a government agent on board to lead the passengers would help.

So instead of making me walk through in my underwear, can you please just inform us of the threat? Each one passenger will happily assist in beating the fuck out of whomever tries to fuck with the plane - they didn't do it in the first three flights on September 11, because you told us to take no action.

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